new channel sd or hd

Oh thank goodness, I know all sorts of things, but I was just waiting for someone to ask!

Also, thanks for labeling the subject so clearly and interestingly, so everyone will come read this. You're all going to be so excited!

Hang on, phone is ringing, I'll be right back!
The only thing Dish has spoke of is MTV, VH1, CMT, Spike, NICK, and Comedy Central all in HD coming in the spring--which probably means they will launch in April/May/June when Dish Network has their annual Team Summit Convention Whatever it is, as in previous years Dish has been known to launch channels around that time of year so they can have something to talk about at that convention.

Dish Network seems to be solely concentrating on HD Locals at the moment.

HD is hot right now, Dish has been lacking in national HD additions lately...and they wonder why Directv get more subs and Dish Network don't. Even some cable companies with more national HD is gaining subs.
New SD? That's a question you don't see around here very much (or ever).

Believe it or not, there is SD channels that Dish doesn't offer. LOGO is the one I am currently waiting on (which means Dish will never, ever, add it) and I agree, you never see anyone talk about SD additions anymore.

Cross Feed tuners

Charlottesville OTA now all in HD

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