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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I have received word from two sources that Dish has a NEW Exisiting Customer Promotion Starting up.

The customer will get a NEW Dish Network Dishplayer DVR 510 for $99 with a 1 year commitment to AT60 or higher THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED!!!

However there is a rumor that on this promotion that there is NO MONTHLY DVR FEES if the customer agree to signup for Credit Card Auto Pay! (THIS IS STILL CONSIDERED A RUMOR AND IS NOT CONFIRMED!)

There you have it! Remember where you heard this first... SatelliteGuys.US!
Wish they would give a $200.00 discount on the 921. Actually I just wish they would start shipping 921s again. :rolleyes:
nuts4scuba said:
Wish they would give a $200.00 discount on the 921. Actually I just wish they would start shipping 921s again. :rolleyes:

I'll second both of those, although the 510 at this price is nice, because while a year and $100 doesn't really marry you to dish, something in the 700-800 range might. :)
gpflepsen said:
Forever the pessimist. ;)

Not at all, just being realistic.

First why would anyone have a 301 receiver? You could sell it for $70-80 and get a 510. Dish wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand.

All current 510 owners would be extremely pissed. Probably to the point of canceling or having Dish waive all VOD charges on the 510.

The 510 has already had a great success with it being $99, or $9 with a two year commit. Why would essentially lower the price on something that already sells well?

Sorry, but as much as I'd love for it to happen, I just don't think there's any truth to it.
I would be VERY interested in this offer!

I am curious if this offer would require you to add this as an ADDITIONAL receiver or if you could REPLACE an existing receiver??? If you did replace an existing receiver, would you then have to "trade-in" the old receiver?

I am currently using two (2) receivers - a PVR-501 and a model 5000. I also have an old 3000 "gathering dust" on the shelf. I would consider trading-in the 3000 (if a trade-in was required) and then replacing the 5000 with the new DVR 510. I could then sell the 5000 on E-Bay.

Has anyone had experience with these types of issues on the recent DVR-510 $99 offer (with the $5 DVR monthly fee) that Dish had been offering?

Scott - thanks for the update. Please keep us posted on any further info. you hear regarding this offer.
It does make some sense. DirectTV did that thing about a DVR in every household, right? Do they have VOD fees like E*? Maybe it is to compete with that. Also, if your second receiver is a 510, then $10/mo seems a little hard to swallow.....
But this is the same Promo that is going on right now for Prefered Current Subs, except they are waiving the VOD fee.

12* $4.99 month = $59.88 so this went down about $60

I am assuming its waived only for the first year with the contract.
Isn't this what DISH used to charge for DVRs $0 now they might return to it for only 1 year. My memory says that DHP customers used to pay $49.99 to upgrade to a DVR. I don't see this as a new promotion just going back to what has worked before except they now have stiffer competetion from Ruppert and the Cable Companies.
What DISH REALLY NEEDS to do is improve the software on 522's and offer that at a reasonable price to compete with DirecTiVo, forget the 510. The 510 should become the base receiver replacing the 311.
I want a 522, without DVR fees, to replace my 301. Then I would consider getting into a DVR. If the 921 were available for a more modest ~$500 I'd consider that too.
There may actually be something to this. I just spoke to someone from Echostar who told me that the details of this are not finaized yet and are not supposed to be known by the public yet.

Oh well I guess they know now. :)
They know, thanks to you... :)

I'm with the others, I wish that some sort of discount for the 921 would be offered...
Will be getting my Tax Return soon, Need a HD DVR of some kind.

Do I stay with Dish or go with Direct, Promos like the 510 help. Now we just need a little something on the 921 for having to wait so long and having to read all those depresing bad beta test results from the last few months.

I know this is all a rumor at this point, but we can at least hope and dream.
Don't look for he 921 to get discounted until they actually can make them in quantity. They are selling on EBay for 40% above sticker in some cases.... Why would they GIVE them away at a discount in that kind of environment?

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