New here, but a DTV subscriber since 1998 - but I am moving

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Aug 2, 2006
Hi all,
New to the forum, been trying to read as many posts as I could to not repeat any existing threads. I have been with DTV since 1998. Had the NFLST probably for at least 6 years I am guessing as well...time flies. Anyway, we just moved to a temporary location (a.k.a the inlaws) while our new house is being built, so DTV has put my account on hold for me until I my home is built (due in October) and I can hook-up again.

I do not have any HD TVs in my house and was also using VCRs. Yes, hello, welcome to yesterday. :hatsoff:

When I get to new hosue I want to go with DVRs. I still will not go for HD because I will not be buying an HD TV for quite some time - till all the wounds heal from closing on the new house.

I have been reading here about calling DTV Retention # etc. What would you guys recommend I ask for when I resign up at new house? My old receivers are just basic receivers - one was an RCA and one was a Sony (a slave one they used to call it) I owned both of them. Like I said I want to go with DVRs now.

- Do you know what model DVR you get from DTV?
- Do I have a choice? - again, not an HD model
- I see you can get a free upgrade - can I upgrade both of my receivers and get two DVRs for free then?

I was planning on getting a 3 LNB dish, run 4 cables from it into the attic, run the 4 cables down a PVC tube my builder put in for me to the basement. There those 4 cables will meet up with the cables coming from the bedrooms. I plan to only hook up 2 rooms at the moment, so it is my understanding a multi-switch is not necessary as I can take two cables from dish and attach to one room (I have house wired for 2 cables running to each room) and attach the other two cables from dish to other room. I was told on another forum that the installer should be able to ground the dish in my basement near the service panel - is this true?

These rooms also have a phone jack and CAT5 as well.

Is there a particualr dish, DVR model that I should request or check for?

Anything else I am not thinking of?

Please no comments about not doing HD, I just do not have a nickel for a new TV, plus my Sony Wega is still working great (despite the 250 LBS it weighs and space it takes up) A Plasma or LCD inthe future, no doubt, but for now SD for me :(

Any other equipment suggestions or install questions or even deals I should push for?

Appreciate any feedback - sorry for long post.


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Aug 30, 2004
Rockwall, TX
DirecTV will most likely give you the R15 model. You can probably swing 2 new DVR's for free if you can talk your way through it with the retention rep. If you don't get what you want on the first call, be sure to call again (CRS roulette) and see what they can give you. Be sure to ask for programing credits while your at it. Never hurts to get just a bit more off the bill. :) Install at the new house should be free.
Please reply by conversation.

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