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May 9, 2004
Hello everyone I just became a new Voomer and I am lovein it so far, The PQ is awesome on my 60" Sony LCD.. I am still learning everything about it, and the only complaint I have is that the upgraded OTA antenna is having a hard time picking up my locals whih are 47 miles away, and I have a few trees in the way as well, I think the OTA antenna they installed is a Winegard HD7082..

Guys and gals which antenna do you think I should get? Antenna web says I need a Medium directional w/pre amp...
Money is no object when it comes to getting my locals channels.. I am glad I still have my cable service right now so I can watch the locals, so if any of you have any good advice I could use it so I can get this resolved so I can cancel my cable..

I will have to say my insall went well the service guy was great and he new what he was doing.. Don Lures is the company that is our local installer, I do have one more complaint but I was able to fix it pretty quick, I had the freeze thing happen but after I waited for it to correct itself and it didnt,I unplug the power cord and plug it back back in and it work, I just had to wait to get my my channel info again and I was off and running..

So if any you guys or gals could help me with my OTA antenna problem I would apperciate it.. Thanks for this forum for all you help.. Cya Slick

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
Slick do not know what is the range of that antenna. Do you have a pre-amp installed?

Anyway, I use this antenna:

You can find it here at Radio Shack with a rotor.

• VHF = 190 miles
• UHF = 100 miles

I can get channels from Connecticut which is 65 miles away from me. This antenna I had before VOOM. It is a big antenna.


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May 9, 2004
Thanks Sean

Thanks for your help again, Yes the antenna they installed with a pre amp.. I willgo and get that antenna you recmend.. I am really diging Voom it's sweet..

Hey Sean I have a couple more questions if you dont mind,

(1) On my tv you can have the picture be Wide Zoom, Zoom , regular,and so forth but it does not change when Voom is on so what is the best setting should the Voom be when I have a 16x9 screen??

(2) I saw some were on this site that it listed the stock price for Voom and what name it went under on the stock market.. I like it that much that I am going to call Merril lynch and buy some..

Thaks for your help for us new Voomers

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