New to Skyangel! Suggestions?


SatelliteGuys Guru
Aug 17, 2004
great deal with the 48 hr playback,impressed with the picture!
lots of free stuff on video on demand.
Family net alone is just about worth it( i like wretched with todd friel!),like the radio channels,just wish i could run it all thru the house.

anyone else want to suggest any video on demand programs for me?
or any other shows i might be missing?



SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 6, 2004
We love Wretched TV and FamilyNet as well. America's Talk Network (ch201) and Bott (ch202) are our favorite radio channels, but that could change if the daily Wretched Radio program was added to one of the channels.

In addition to Wretched, check out Word Pictures on TLN (ch113) Mon-Thu at 8pm eastern. Cross TV, Christian Television Programs, Christian Video and DVD Productions

Also, according to the NRB TV web site, The NRB Network is coming to SA sometime in the future. About Us Welcome

We have enjoyed some of the Exploration Films nature programs on VOD (small charge).

Except for the TBN type "false teachers" We are very pleased with the Sky Angel IPTV service.

Check out part 15 FM transmitters to listen to SA audio throughout the house. You can buy them both assembled and in kit form. check out C.Crane Co C. Crane Company - FM Transmitters - Toll Free (800) 522-8863 and Ramsey Electronics (if you like to build kits) Ramsey Electronics

Happy viewing (and listening)



SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 6, 2005
Central Illinois
I bought the Whole House FM transmitter two years ago and love it. I had one from Ramsey Electronics before that. It also worked well, but eventually developed problems. I get a more consistently-clear signal with the new transmitter. The Whole House transmitter is small and comes with connectors that allow you to use it in your car, on your computer, or with other audio equipment. I can listen to Sky Angel audio not only on every radio in my house, but also in my yard or garage.

Additionally, I have an RF modulator and two extra Sky Angel remotes. That setup lets me turn the box on/off and change channels from anywhere in the house.

Additionally, I am using TIVO with Sky Angel. It adds recording capability for all channels (I record radio programs a lot), and also allows me to pause/rewind live broadcasts on any channel.

Finally, I had a lightbulb moment recently and took the time to set recordings on my TIVO that would turn it into a tuner. All day, every day, it changes channels for me so that whenever I turn on a radio, it is already tuned to the program I would normally choose at that time. I do this mostly with radio channels, which I tend to choose during daytime hours. I always figure I can use the 48-hour playback feature to watch most TV broadcasts, so I don't record them much. We used to be able to set the old Dish satellite equipment to tune to channels, but not record -- so using my TIVO this way gives me back that capability. Now I don't keep missing programs because I forgot to tune to them in time to catch the beginning.

More than you asked, Dan, but maybe you'll like some of these ideas. Each one of those additions increased my use of the Sky Angel programming. It's an important part of my day!