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Nov 26, 2009
I was installed last month with a standard dish and three SD recievers. I needed a new TV so after getting one, I set it up to upgrade the dish and one reciever to HD. They came today and installed the slimline and the one reciever. It worked fine, and I had to leave without checking the other two TV's reception(still SD). One of the two other TV's works fine, but the other has intermittant 771, and bad signal picture distortion.

All I can say about the wiring at the moment is that he used the exsisting wires installed with last install...i presume for the SD sets...and then ran another wire for this new install..

We did have a splitter box, but it appears he removed that and they are I guess barrel spliced. There are also barrel splices at the dishes location.

Any Ideas? Could this be bad weather only affecting one TV? Thanks!


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Jul 31, 2009
Redding, CA
No, bad connection somewhere. Check all the barrel connectors, make sure they are tight, but not to tight. If that doesn't fix it, call DirecTV and get the installer back....
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