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Nov 30, 2017
First off, Hi. This is my first post on this forum. Anyway, I recently acquired a pair of .75 meter channel master dishes complete with NJR2117FK and Channel Master 6245 LNBs. I also purchased an X^2 premium mini receiver. I have tried several times to get a lock on any satellite at all with no luck so far. Those attempted included SES-3, SES-2, and Galaxy-19. I apologize if these exact questions were already posed and answered elsewhere, but several searches didn't yield specific enough results. Anyway, I think the reason for my troubles could be one or both of two problems:

1. Tree cover. My yard is shrouded by very tall trees all along the southern exposure. I had thought I found a gap in the trees where they are cut back for the power lines, an augmented reality dish finding cell phone app seemed to confirm that, however the best I could do was 80 some % signal with only a very unstable 10-30% quality (as measured by the receiver.) The leaves are down, however I may still be shooting through the wires strung from the telephone poles. Could that be enough to render me out of luck?

2. And this is perhaps even more likely a culprit. I am unsure how to set up the receiver properly. My LNBs have a freq range specified on the data plates of 11.70Ghz ~ 12.20Ghz I believe. If I am understanding this correctly I need to know the Lo frequency and input that into the sat receiver? How do I find that?
Also, I set the receiver for vertical polarity only, (+13 volts) but on closer inspection of the LNB it seems to specify +15 volts? Would that mean it's a horizontal polarity LNB that needs horizontal voltage and must be turned 90 degrees to receive V?
Furthermore, I have read that one can add additional satellites and LNB settings into the X^2 mini, Is this via a firmware hack? Or simply upgrading to new firmware? because I can't seem to find a way to do it from the menus.

My dish mount is a non-pen mount from an old paging site with a 6' 2 3/8" steel pipe clamped to the mast. You can see my old setup in the pictures. (I ditched the PVC pipe in the pic because it was too wobbly.)

I would simply buy a Universal LNB, but I am doing this on the cheap and want to make sure I can receive something with the FREE LNBs I have before I invest more money.

Thank you all for your help!


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:welcome to the forum Karl Q . About your LNBs: They are single polarity LNBs. Which ever way you physically orient them determines Horizontal or Vertical. The L.O. for those would be 10750 They do state a voltage requirement of 15v but often you can get them to function a little under that.
Welcome to the site Karl Q!
You would not have to get a universal LNBF unless you are shooting for far eastern birds.
A linear LNBF would be fine.
I would if I were you invest in a newer modern LNBF. Unless you have a tree or building problem you should have no problem getting G19 with that dish.
Just a matter of learning how all this works.
No problem asking question even if repeated. We welcome new comers and encourage questions. :)
Make sure setting is at 10750 for a standard lnb the higher settings are for pay tv birds like DN or Directv. 12200 to 12900 is for them. I have multi lnbs on my setup with switches. We are to help.
Thanks for the information guys. It might have been that I had the Lo freq set wrong then... Here's hoping. I will try it all again with that in mind, and having daylight should help enormously.

Picking up a new universal LNB is tempting, but since the trees are not on my property, I'll have to get rid of the dishes and receiver if it turns out the trees are in the way. So it just does not make sense to invest in it until I know I can get a lock.

Does anyone know how you go about adding satellites to the X^2 Mini's setup list? Most everything I could want is in there, but SES-3 and a couple others are not.
i have the same signal and quality with my x2 v1 hd. the channels still scan in. when scanned in go to a channel and hit "info" button twice, the quality should be 50 or higher.
Does anyone know how you go about adding satellites to the X^2 Mini's setup list? Most everything I could want is in there, but SES-3 and a couple others are not.
I am gonna bet everything you want is in there. What is at 103? Do you see one called AMC-1? If so that is SES-3.
Satellites in space die or get moved to other slots from time to time. So names can change.
These receivers are dumb when it comes to names. You could label it pig, dog, cow, etc. It does not care, those are labels are for us to keep track of what is what.
If it has AMC-1 at 103W. You most likely can edit the name somehow so that you are not confused in the future.
I am familiar, but have never owned an X2 receiver. They were a no no to discuss them here for awhile, as they were heavily sold for hacking, another big no no.
Ah yes! It does indeed have AMC-1. Well that answers that question. I bought this particular receiver because it was dirt cheap, and was well reviewed (for the most part) on this very site. I couldn't justify spending over $100 for something that might not even work given my tree situation. I don't have the interest, let alone the time to delve into hacking channels. I am mostly interested in picking up international news feeds and such. Also a dish is a nice addition to my antenna farm. ;)
I hope you didn't take it wrong, I was not trying to imply anything about you. :)
Yes, when they first came out several sellers were selling them with hackware built right in.
That is no longer the case, that I am aware of any how. :)
No offense taken at all. I read about what you are referencing in the thread about said receiver and was slightly amused at the theory that Amazon had a hidden agenda in selling it. I was even more amused when I went to buy one and discovered that Amazon no longer sells it, yet many other vendors do. I am still amazed that a sat receiver can be the the size of a pack of cigs, and cost as much as a dinner at a sit-down restaurant.
I don't really use it any more, but I have a Premium Mini. Its signal meter is a little more realistic that some other receivers. I mostly use another receiver just for the loop out and OTA abilities, but the Mini is a good little (tiny) box.

Get a standard (not universal) LNBF, pick 103W (AMC-1), and try to tune 11940 V 20000. That transponder is probably the strongest on there. When something's misaligned, I can still get NHK even when NBC is iffy.

As far as trees go, put your exact location into dishpointer.com, pick 103W (SES-3, formerly AMC-1), and check the option for the line-of-sight checker. This can give you a good guess as to whether the trees will be in the way or not.
Success! Finally got a lock on 103 W/SES-3/AMC-1. After spending all day agonizing over trying to get a lock with my NJR LNB, I decided to switch to the Channel Master one I had and I instantly got a long list of channels to show up on the receiver. So I guess it was a bad LNB. This, of course, was just as the sun was setting and I lost my lens cap as well as some tools as I was frantically trying to finish up. Oh well. I'll look for them tomorrow and enjoy some TV tonight. B)


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Actually, based on the channel content, it looks like I wound up on Galaxy-19. Oh well. A success none the less.
Yes, looking back over your post, it appears you are on G19.
Many channels there to look through. :)
One last question I have about LNBs. Are there any dual polarity LNBs that will bolt right up to the style of channel master feed horn pictured below? I have seen this style feed horn all over the place and the NJR LNBs I work with at work seem to have the same four bolt pattern. I suppose the feed horn may also be specifically for one polarity only as well? I haven't found anything sold specifically for dual polarity FTA use that resembles them.
You can purchase a C120 to WR75 adapter to bolt on a C-120 dual polarity LNB such as the Inverto Black Pro C120.


Purchase an Inverto Black Pro C120, align the waveguides, clamp, drill 4 new matching holes in the feedhorn and bolt together... there will be minimal loss and much less expensive. :)
Such as this? LNB INVERTO BLACK PRO 0,2db SINGLE FLANGE (C-120) - Envio desde España | eBay

Actually, it appears if I remove the current lnb and its adapter, that will mate right up.
Is the only reason for multiple f connectors to have multiple receivers? I searched high and low for one of those with a single output simply because it would be much easier to waterproof the connector, and I have no need for a second tv.
Lastly, how does that lnb compare to this one? INVACOM SNF-031 'C120' 0.3dB Universal LNB | eBay
The SNF-031 is a good unit, but it is almost 15 y/o technology. I found the Inverto Black Pro to have significantly better performance in my testing.

Yes, a dual output is necessary to support multiple receivers.
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