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Dec 1, 2003
Hi all.

Current info:
I'm a current DHP customer (Since February).
AT100 package
Have a 500 w/ (1) 508 & (2) 3?? receivers.
a Sony 34" 16:9 HDTV (that I would like to get HDTV channels on soon)

Not that I would watch them, but I just realized that some local channels are on the 61.5 location. Which I believe Dish would install for free.

Would there be any advantage to getting that installed?
Will that help with getting HDTV in the future?
Would they give me a Superdish instead?

I would like to get HDTV soon, but Dish tells me that since I haven't been a subscriber for 12 mo yet, they cannot give me a deal on the 6000's.

Any suggestions on how to best handle getting HDTV?



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They will be out on thursday to do the 2nd dish for 61.5.

Now I just wish there was a deal for the 811 for DHPers like me. :evil:
Chris Freeland said:
Mike_Post said:

Now I just wish there was a deal for the 811 for DHPers like me. :evil:

You can buy one for the full msrp price of $399 and it will be covered by the Lifetime warranty as long as you are on the DHP plan.

Yeah, but I'd rather pay $299 or whatever the current deal is for everyone else. ;)


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