no joy with g10

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Oct 24, 2006

I can almost get signal from g10 just 2 channels I think I am running into a tree, I do get signal from 15w to 119w.

A friend gave me an old directv dish and I was wondering if I could point this to g10 using the lnb's it came with(I have 3) or do I need to get fta lnb or is it to small(it's 24x18)?



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For the FTA, the minimum size dish required is 30 inches. The directv dish is way too small to pick up g10R.
I don't know how big your directtv dish is but I have used a dishnet superdish for IA5 in the past, You may want to get a new more sensitive lnb first before replacing the dish. How big is your directtv dish? 30 inch or larger is your best bet.
barkin' up the wrong tree

Looks like a DirecTV Phase II dish.
Also known as Para Todos (for all), or Direct Plus.
It's got mounting locations for 3 LNBs. you said...
(or, you could put two LNBs at the in-between holes - there are five sets)

If you'll take a look at what IceBerg said in the 2nd post of this thread, I think you'll get your questions answered.
Basically, for real FTA, it's useless.

But, with a mechanically interchangable LNB, it might get you the birds/channels mentioned in the post above... :)

edit: As for what you can get with what you got, read IceBerg in this thread.
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Thats what I get now with my in my current 30" dish location , I'll have to explore dif locations to see if I can get around the tree.
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