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Don in CT

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Dec 4, 2013
Central CT
They said they won't stream it before it's in theaters. And it won't be in theaters until October, maybe.

TV Junkie

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Feb 20, 2021
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Rumor here: Apple May Be Seeking to Acquire Bond Film 'No Time to Die' for Apple TV+

Both Apple and Netflix trying to acquire new Bond film for streaming. Wonder how much this would cost. :eek:
Maybe not as much as we think?

I look at the shift in speed to market for media now. Before Covid-19 movies would release to theater, run through their ticket soft sell, drop from public (out of theater) and then be published (dvd / blu-ray) within months.

Before that? Public availability (tapes then discs) was SLOW AF after theater run.

The shift? The realization to get that money before it's lost to piracy.

So maybe bond ain't so expensive...? IDK JMO

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