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Apr 18, 2008
When I got the pole for my cband dish, It had a 400 pound blob of cement on the botom. I didnt want to spend $$$ for another pole so I dug it up blob and all and then buried it. However, the pole is not level. How could I level it? would ground screws and turnbuckles help.


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I can not see from here how it looks! I do not have the eyes of an eagle, or even a lizzard (JOKE). I would fasten clamps around the pole near the top and fasten a come-along to the clamp and then to a good anchor- Car/truck bumper or trailer hitch in the diection the pole need to go to correct it. Add some ropes in 3 directions for later. Put some tension on the cable (NOT BY DRIVING) and see if it will move. Then soak the ground and see if you can line it up. If it has not been sitting too long, you can usually get it plumb. Once you get it plumb. fasten the ropes to stakes in the ground, pull the ropes snug to hold the pole in position and release the come-along. Soak and tamp the ground some more so it will fill all the voids, then let it sit and dry out - with the ropes holding it plumb. If the earth settles as you soak it, add more dirt - you want to fill all the voids.
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May 18, 2004
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When I've retrieved the pole from a free dish, I always get out the ole sledge hammer and bust that old cement off, and start fresh. I doubt you want to dig it up again, especially if you have to take the reflector back off..? But, you may have to? If you can't manage to get it plumb, and you have future plans of adding another BUD (or even if you don't), you could set a new pole and move the current dish to it and then dig up the old one and clean the old cement off and start over.
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