NRTC: Require Locals in All 210 DMAs

Here's a thought...

If the FCC is serious about this how about a trade? The two major DBS services retransmit all 210 DMAs and in exchange their public access requirement is waived. If this were implemented it would probably happen within a year.
I knew this was coming seeing the other requirements in the past. This would the 'distant networks availability' issue and especially seeing how they have 'must carry' i figure they would require all markets to be up especially after they have seen Dish and Direct's plans and capabilities of now being able to launch them all with the additional satellite capacity they have received along with improved compression.
It's funny how an orginization who has not invested one red cent on a satellite wants the government to force two company's who have already spent millions of $ launching and maintaining a fleet of satellites and uplink centers to spend even more millions of $ to launch and maintain even more satellites and up-link centers. If the NRTC wants locals in all 210 DMA's that bad, let them pay for and maintain the satellites and uplink centers to cary the local markets that are too small for E* and D* to carry. :evil:
Its easy for the NRTC to demand costly ventures when they are not the ones footing the bill. Dish and DirecTv had plans for doing this anyways, but the NRTC wants to make sure they are all up within a given amount of time. This could be good in that it will get things moving in getting this done but if you do not have the space on the satellites then that is that. I think they have a lot of the space if not all the space needed to do this but it may result in less space for other things such as HD, international channels, etc. If this is to be a requirement then more space should be granted to Dish and Direct.

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