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Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME!
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Sep 7, 2003
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I would like to welcome you to SatelliteGuys.US!

Many of you may know me as a former administrator at another forum, many of you have also seen what went down there in the past week.

I am one of those who believes every cloud has a silver lining! And SatelliteGuys.US is that silver lining!

As the administrator for SatelliteGuy's I will continue to bring you the latest news, scoops and rumors. My vast connections in the satellite industry assure that you will read the most satellite news here FIRST.

Because we work so hard for our news we would ask that if you want to repost our news to another forum that you say that you got this news from SatelliteGuys.US!

I have a lot of ideas for this site that I was unable to do at the other site, everything I think you will enjoy and I believe you will keep coming back for more!

You may notice that its SatelliteGuys, that's guys with an S, because this place is not going to be a one man show, we are building a staff of some of the internet's best known satellite experts who enjoy helping satellite users out as much as I do.

There are a lot more surprises that will be coming to SatelliteGuys.US in the near future, some I am sure you won't want to miss!

We hope you will consider SatelliteGuys you new home for Satellite News, Help and Information!

Welcome home, you're now a SatelliteGuy!


Scott Greczkowski
One of the SatelliteGuys @ SatelliteGuys.US
Nah were not leaving anyone out, at the other site I only knew about 2 women who registered. :)

Ladies are of course welcomed here. :D

I got the idea for the name the other night after watching an episode of Home Improvement. :)
This is a test post to see who will show up "Guest" or Ride525....

I don't seem to see any "edit" function for editing posts...
Make sure you click the checkbox to log you in automatically or you'll have to login everytime you come back.
Good luck Scott to your new site!

Hope you pick up alot of the members from both dbstalk and dbsforums! :D

Bob Hale
Congrats Scott, site looks great. I look forward to making a regular stop here. If you need any help, let me know. :)
Hey great to have all you guys here!

I know I am doing the right thing by opening this forum, alls I want is to help people with their satellite systems and to provide them the best satellite news first. I don't get paid for this, my payment is you guys who keep coming back, that makes me feel good. :)

Welcome to SatelliteGuys!
Hello everyone!

My name is Jason Deckard and I am a licensed retailer for EchoStar/ Dish Network. I am also a certified Starband installler and have 52 Starband install under my belt.

Hey Scott, the site looks great. I will take DBSTalk out of my favorites list and replace it with Satellite Guys.us!!!
TNGTony said:
I now have three boards to check daily!

I hear that Tony! However, I sincerely don't think that I'll have to worry about checking the other 2 as often...soon.
Scott Greczkowski said:
Nah were not leaving anyone out, at the other site I only knew about 2 women who registered. :)

Ladies are of course welcomed here. :D

I got the idea for the name the other night after watching an episode of Home Improvement. :)


Congratulations on the new site. I hate to be the first one to raise a ruckus, but that's the way it goes.

The think the name is unwise. In the first place, the registration doesn't reveal a person's gender so you never really know how many members might be female, unless they choose to reveal it in their posts. I totally concede that the realm of DBS fanaticism is probably male dominated, but that doesn't mean that a more inclusive name wouldn't have been wiser. The times are no longer a-changin'; they done changed!

I also don't think it helps matters to say that "Ladies are of course welcomed here" any more than it would if I named my bar "White Dudes" and said, "But people of color are welcome to come in!".

I think you will find that as you grow, this issue will continually return. Especially if you garner any national press for your future discoveries. It just doesn't feel right.

Yet, I don't want to blow it out of proportion. I do know that a lot of Easterners use the term "guys" the way others use "folks" or "y'all", so in some way it can be interpreted as not being exclusive. But when you add the "for real guys" part, it diminishes that interpretation. Plus all the imaginary guys will feel left out. :D

Okay, rant concluded.
It's kind of funny... I've never considered the word "guys" to be gender specific. "Hey you GUYS" was always screamed by a woman in "Electric Company" on PBS and along came both men AND women! That was an educational show. Is it still on Noggin?

See ya

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