Who's your DBS provider?

I voted Dish, but having just found my receipt for my DHP install, I may have DirecTv by Halloween, not Christmas as I thought. If Dish doesn't add CSTV, waive the 510 DVR fee, and treat it's DHP subs better, I'll have to make the change.
Troublemaker... Maybe IndyMichael can add a both DirecTV and Dish option.
Didn't even occur to me anyone would have both, just out of curiosity, why do you have both?
Sky Angel

My DBS provider is Sky Angel.

I also have Dish, but if it hadn't been for Sky Angel, I would have cancelled Dish during all the nightmare times with the dishplayer.
I have both Dish and Directv for at least two more months , then bye bye Diredtv. I only took them because it was free receivers, free install and free nfl season ticket games for the end of last year. ( My wife likes football , I don't)

I also took Directv when Charlie was talking about eliminating TNT and never adding any channels that were requested like; Oxygen , Trio, pbs kids etc. After seeing these channels , I could have done with out them after all.
I have both because, I get NFL, NBA and baseball packages from DirecTV. I do not have anything else. I have had D* since it started.

And I get the other stuff I need from DISH. I enjoy the superstations and GAC. I have had E* since it started.

I do not find the picture quality to be that different between the two.

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