Welcome to SatelliteGuys.US!

This site looks great and is off to a remarkable start.
Here's to more information. :D
You can never have enough. 8)
Good Luck!!!
Here's to the beginning of something beautiful. Scott G's incredible enthusiasm for everything satellite is second to none. Looks to be quite a fun ride here.
good luck

As you can see you gave me a reason to have a new nickname for a change. I was getting pretty tired of Littlebit after all these years anyway.
:) And if you ever thought Littlebit was a nickname for a man.... shame on you!!

Im new to most of these boards but have found the info you provided very informative and useful so here I am.
Thanx and good luck in this new forum.

Still Littlebit
Congrats on the new site. It looks great. I was very sorry to see you leave the other site, but it looks like you have landed on your feet and the result will be another great site to check every day.
Scott, site looks great! Just a few comments....I know you are great at digging up the news for E* but it would be awesome if this site could also dig up news for D*. I know they are usually tighter lipped than E* but anything is better than nothing. Also I would love to help out as a Mod if you need a hand.

Can we get a link for jump to new posts? Thanks again!
I do have good contacts at DirecTV, some VP's and Sr VP's.

The problem is besides being tight lipped on programming is new equipment announcements are usually surprises to them as well. :)

Look on the Hompage there is a link for view new posts in the menu on the left. :)
This is my second day here and I must say this site is jumping - and at the absolute best time! There are so many new things coming out from E* over the next few months I don't know if I'm going to get any work done!

P.S. - I really like the color scheme and icons, Scott. Great job!
Im not the real bob but he infuriates me so much i took his name here so we don"t have to here from him hopefully. already diggin the new board Scott nice work

Who's your DBS provider?

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