Off Air Antenna and Multiswitch Help Needed

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Oct 10, 2004
I have the HR10-250 Tivo receiver as well as the Samsung SIR TS160. As you probably know, both are HD receivers. When D* did the installation (they also installed my OTA antenna), they did it for only one HD receiver. D* gave me a Winegard GS-1000 non-amplified antenna. They ran the wire from the antenna directly into a Winegard DS-8000 powered off-air/sat combiner (DC pass), along with the feed to the one HD receiver. I understand that made it possible to run the sat and antenna signals on the same wire to the receiver. In the room where the HD receiver is, they connect a diplexer to separate the feeds again. I also have a 4x8 multiswitch.

Now, I would like to set up so that I can receiver my off air channels at every receiver (I have 6 total). I tried splitting the antenna signal prior to running it into the Winegard combiner with a 2 way splitter, but when I ran one of the feed from the splitter through the combiner, I wasn't able to get an off-air signal on the HD receiver that was previously working. I was able to get all of my regular D* channels. I removed the splitter and I was able to receive the off-air stations again.

I then purchased the Terk BMS-58 5x8 multiswitch with antenna input. When I exchanged the multiswitches, I was able to get all of my D* channels on all 6 receivers but I could get any of the off air channels. I did use a diplexer at every receiver to separate to signals.

Any suggetions to how to make this work?


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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
Put a signal amplifier inline before the 5 X 8 multiswitch. The GS1000 can't capture enough signal to overcome the losses in the 8 way splitter in the multiswitch.
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