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Oct 11, 2006
I've been a DTV subscriber for about 10 years. In attempting to upgrade on-line, I am being asked for an offer code to get a good price. How do you get offer codes? They've never made me any offers other than to pay my bill. I am looking to get a HD-DVR unit to go with the other three receivers in the house. I've seen mention of prices from $299, $199, $99 and free. Free sounds good to me. Anyone know any good codes that will help get a discount?
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 3, 2006
fort lauderdale
call Directv and mention to them your thinking about switching providers. They will transfer you to the retention department. Speaking from past experience, they will want to make you stay and will take care of you. It might take a few calls though. I had to call and the first CSR quoted me $299. I told her I would think it over and call back. I called the next day and asked about it again and was told it would be $199. I thought Wow, they dropped $100 in one day so I decided to try my luck the next day. The third CSR told me I could get it for free. It seems you have to play CSR roulette. This worked for me with the HR10 in july, Although I had to recommit in July 06 for two years to get the HR10, I called last week about the HR20 and even though Im only 8 months into a two year commitment they are giving me the HR20 free if I recommited for two years. Im not going anywhere, so why not. Good luck, and if you dont get what you want the first time, try again. Directv will take care of you. Im only a Total choice plus whit three receivers and HBO, So Im not a big money customer. Call me crazy, but I dont want to pay for equipment thats not mine. I did have to pay $99 on a credit card, but was given the $99 charged to me back as a credit on my next bill.
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