Old Browser

Discussion in 'SatelliteGuys Support Center' started by bpalone, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Just a note to make aware of this. Running old browser (Firefox 17) with noscript installed. Have to allow SatelliteGuys to run Java in order to log in. The new software does not even offer a place to click to log in or register with noscript blocking java code. Don't know if it has anything to do with this behavior, but also on old SQUARE screen, 1024x768.

    Like I said, just making you aware of this. Doubt there are many that refuse to follow the herd, but there are some of us out here.

  2. Is your unwillingness to upgrade a matter of "not following the herd" or more an interest in not taking advantage of the latest improvements in security and functionality?

    If you're that concerned, you should probably consider using one of the many fine Linux distributions (Puppy for really modest computers or Mint for just about everything else).

    Most of the vermin-infested code I've encountered here comes from other domains and is Javascript rather than Java. There is no intrinsic relationship between Java and Javascript other than they are both interpreted computer programming languages.