Opie Fired by SiriusXM

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  1. Hope he saved his cash. He might not be terribly employable now.

    Do perverted tendencies go with fame?
  2. I never really listened much to this guy or his program, but they fire him and keep that Scumbag Stern? Oh well.
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  3. Stern was funny
  4. Haven't listened much to Stern. Not of interest to me. But I did see one show of his on TV where some woman came into the studio starkers and went around sitting on laps and playing up to the guys. Her face was not fuzzed out....
  5. How was her face? Or didn't you notice?
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  6. All "shock jocks" from Stern to Opie to whoever have the same act. "I can't believe he said **** on the radio." Once realize that they will say anything on the radio, or mature past 12 when someone saying ***** is no longer funny, there is nothing left.
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  7. Opie and Anthony was a staple for me, especially being from Boston and listening to them on WAAF, then WBCN (through syndication: 2000 to 2002 era), then on XM. When Anthony got fired, Opie crashed and burned. My understanding through the other shows on Faction Talk, as well as his (now) defunct afternoon show, is that SiriusXM had enough of Opie over some of his messing with Stern. The good morning incidents in the hallway, when Opie and Jim Norton were still together initiated the issue. His sneaking into Howard's hallway during the time through his solo show only exacerbated the issue. Add his constant fighting with the brass at SiriusXM, his reported complaining about the guy (who he eventually filmed on the toilet) for not booking as quality of guests on his show, as the guy was booking for Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, and his trying to hold comedians exclusively to his show (same as Howard did to him and Anthony) only served for the company to itch for a reason to can him. He got what was coming to him, and this is coming from someone who is a fan of his various shows.

    Dispite disagreeing with Anthony's texts three years ago, I believe in his right to express his views, just as I have my right to not support his current show. He should not have been fired. Opie filming a SiriusXM employee deficating in the SiriusXM bathroom and trying to post it online, or at least sharing it with several comedians is an offense worthy of termination.
  8. I agree, was a fan of O&A and listened to them on WAAF and WBCN when I lived up that way in Quincy.

    Listened to them when they came to XM and loved it when it was them with Lil Jimmy Norton. Even got to hang out with Jimmy in Las Vegas at CES which was cool.

    But then it just went down the hill and I turned them off before Anthony was fired, it was just not fun anymore.
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  9. Great assessment.
  10. That was a combination of Anthony bleeding in his political views and Opie becoming a greater synic once they were dropped from the CBS radio side of their simulcast, beginning to feel that everyone around him was a threat. He never stopped chasing Howard, which kept him from enjoying his own success. It was mainly Jocktober that kept me listening.
  11. I haven’t listened to either Opie or Anthony in years. In the early days on XM, I used to listen every morning on my way to school or work. When I started working nights, I’d listen to the John & Jeff Third Shift show on the old Extreme XM during work, and on my way home, then listen to the first hour or so of O&A before heading off to bed. I enjoyed the bits and the banter, I didn’t care so much about the interviews, or the ‘friends of the show’ though.

    The whole drama between Stern and O&A was a major turn off for me. When the talk of a merger between Sirius and XM started to heat up, during the merger, and post-merger, I couldn’t stand the stupid drama. 'Howie's going to be just right down the hall from us, hoohoo'. Just do your own thing and ignore the rest. I relate it to The Ultimate Fighter. I watch TUF to see two guys beat the crap out of each other to see which one makes it to the UFC, not have hissy fits because of a comment taken out of context or a misunderstood prank or because someone thinks they were ‘disrespected’. I don’t want that idiotic teenage girl drama, and that’s exactly want O&A turned into when I quit listening.

    I liked Jocktober, The Homeless Shopping Spree and a lot of the other stuff. The not so serious stuff. I tuned in a handful of times for a handful of minutes prior to Anthony being fired after not listening in years. I no longer felt a connection to the show, too much celebrity worship, too much Facebook/Twitter nonsense all while bringing up Stern.

    In all honestly, I didn’t even realize Opie still had a show. If I remember right, Anthony got fired a few months before their contract was up and there was speculation that his firing was so there wouldn’t be pressure to renew their contract since without Anthony, there would be no Opie. For the past three years I just assumed SiriusXM opted not to new Opie’s contract. Who knew.
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  12. I never listened to O&A, back when I had Sirius. Rarely listened to Stern. Very, very rarely. And never for more than for a very few minutes. Caught a snippet of his TV show with that nude lady prancing about. All I remember. Not worth watching to me, but he saved satellite radio. Gotta give him credit.

    I can only assume Opie didn't bring in the bucks. That's what it comes down to.
  13. I never listed to either, and I still have a Sirius sub which I use only for music. :D What TV show? I thought he was only a shock-jock.
  14. Years ago Stern had a program on E! that featured highlights of the radio show. It's was a radio on TV show like Mike & Mike or Imus but it wasn't live and the good stuff was blurred out.

    When he went to Sirius, Stern launched his own on demand channel on InDemand for cable. It was called Howard TV on Demand, cost about $12-15 a month and was completely uncut. In 2012 or 2013 it was discontinued.
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  15. The newest speculation is that taking the picture/video isn't what got him fired, but rather because it was a human resources issue that he publicly brought up on the air, which has me believing that the company was itching to get rid of him. With his track record over the last few years, who can blame them.
  16. So without O&A or O&J or just plain O, why is this still considered a premium channel that you have to pay extra for on the Sirius side of the platform?
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  17. You don't. SiriusXM recently made it a standard channel across both platforms on channel 103. It was part of their luring Jason Ellis over from Faction and changing the channel to Faction Talk.