Orby for 3 weeks now.. impressions from a former Dish Subscriber (1 Viewer)


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Feb 17, 2008
Thought I would share. You guys said I would like it.. your right.

Basic Reciever, self-install ordered from the Orby Website. Installed it on 12/27/2020.

Some surprises.. I'm here in North Texas, and last week we had a pretty good rain event. 4+ inches over 2 days..
I noticed something right off.. Not once did we lose the Orby signal or have it pixelate due to rain fade.. Our previous Dish system would drop out anytime with heavy rain..

I started with the plain receiver and then added a DVR, after driving down to Plano and Best Buy.
Had no issues adding the DVR to the account.

Did have issues with the Pause Live TV working for a few days, but seems to have worked out now.

Some of the channels seem to have higher bitrate/quality than others, but have no way to determine exactly.

The dish/LNB quality is, well, cheap.

Otherwise, works as advertised..

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