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Apr 10, 2004
I just got my Voom installed last week and have a small problem. My OTA seems to have fading issues. When installed I received all my locals without any problems but tonight everything has gone downhill with breakups and low signal strength on all OTA channels (sat is still fine). The installer that put up the OTA antenna he told me that the strength was marginal at best (mid 40s) and that if I had any problems just call Voom and they would send him out with a better antenna/amp. I called customer service and was told that OTA reception wasn't Voom's problem but they would get an installer out with a better antenna if I would pay for it. Is this normal? If so I'll probably end up having the system removed since OTA was a significant part of the reason I picked Voom in the first place. I'm about 8 miles from the towers but have some trees intruding on the line of sight, individual lines from the sat and ota.
Yikes. You say you got the signal in good shape at initial installation, but tonight there is fading / poor reception. And this is happening a week after the installation. Being only 8 miles from the towers should not be a problem. I'll assume you checked your OTA antenna to insure it is still pointed in the right direction, and checked all connections from antenna to STB. Could the trees have leafed out so much in a week that they are now blocking the signal??

I believe the Voom policy on getting a stronger antenna is to credit up to $60 to replace the Stealth with something better. Sounds like you got a CSR that could use an attitude adjustment. If you've checked all the connections, and the orientation, it might be worth a callback to a CSR that will take care of the problem. You also might want to explain that OTA for you is of prime importance, and would Voom rather schedule a new antenna or an equipment pickup.

welcome. Call them back. I thought that they covert like $65 of the upgrade antenna. This is what people has been reporting. Try another csr.
I complained about OTA reception, and they are going to upgrade my antenna this Saturday. They didn't mention any extra charge.

FYI, I'm about 20-25 miles away, and only get 2 channels regularly.

Thanks for the replies, I'll give them a call tomorrow maybe this time I'll get someone who is interested.

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