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Mar 27, 2004
I have an Hitachi 57" rear projection. I have the STB set to automatically switch between 1080i and 480i so that tv can do a 4:3 expand so that 4:3 doesn't do a burn-in.

Anyways I can only receive one OTA channel (NBC). Tonight while watching E.R. the picture is in HD 16:9 however it does not expand through the whole tv. I have to use a 16:9 zoom feature to get it to take up the whole screen. Commericals however run at 4:3 like they should. Before I got voom I didn't have this problem with my OTA samsung box.

I messed around with the picture format settings but could never get it to work. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or if I might be overlooking something simple.

Thanks for any help.
Did you have to do anything special with the voom box to get it to work? Would there be a chance that the local station is broadcasting it like that?
Didn't do anything special... My STB is set for 1080i

I know that NBC and other locals for some strange reason do add side bars on their 480p broadcasts though.
I had no problems with ER last night. Does NBC have more than 1 digital channel in your program guide?

Are you sure it's HD 16:9 and not 16:9 in a 4:3 window? NBC used to send it out this way. Depending on your station, that may be the case.
Well I am not exactly sure. Before I got Voom I used a OTA tuner from samsung and I never had these problems. If I remember tonight I will check and see if it still does it on any HD programming. If it does I will hook up my old samsung tuner to narrow down where my problem lies. Thanks for the help
My Samsung t150 also let me stretch a 4:3 image, sidebars or not, to fill the screen correctly. I've tried to change the stretch feature on the voom box to no avail. If anyone knows how to do this please post it here.

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