Out of Tragedy, Sportsmanship has a Shining Moment....


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Nov 2, 2006
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I'd like to share a touching story from the sports world that didn't make it to most newspapers as A-Rod dominated the headlines instead.

A break from the stupidity, cheating and lying, brings us a real story of sportsmanship...

On the same day the story broke that Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez had used performance-enhancing steroids, a group of high school basketball players in Illinois showed us what it really means to be a superstar....
For the rest of the story...

Respect for the game? A-Rod shows that's for schoolboys: Connie Schultz - Connie Schultz, Plain Dealer Columnist - cleveland.com
Good story. I read this the other day and was going to post it but never did. Nice gesture by the team. I just hope as they get older they remember things like this because the older they some guys lose there love for the game and it all becomes about money.

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