Over-the-air very underdeveloped in the US?

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  1. But they know it's an economic stupidity. Doing away with the fee would increase other economic activity and tax take to more than make up any losses from the fee going away.
  3. Are mud flaps those flat things you attach to a wall to get OTA? Were rabbit ears their ancestors? I like the term. :)
  4. They only work for UHF frequencies, and not very well for those. IF you have any VHF stations, don't expect to receive them with that sort of antenna.
  5. Bent coat hangers FOREVER!
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  6. I actually have one VHF station in the OKC area, and I can receive that one with the mud flap antenna from 20 miles away. I also tried a rabbit ears antenna for that station, but the mud flap works better.
  7. Not being backwards-compatible is a big issue. The average consumer does not run out and buy a new TV just for a new spec. The average consumer buys a new TV when their old one dies.
  8. I don't think that's the case anymore. The buzz behind Dolby Vision has already got some early adopters thinking about new models. HLG may also be coming sooner than later and both promise to be better than HDR10. Even Samsung has come out with their HDR10+ scheme to keep things interesting.

    The other side of the coin is that OLED is starting to catch fire with LG dominating the top of the Consumer Reports TV ratings and prices that aren't so much of a gut punch.

    Finally, new TVs don't last 25+ years like the TVs of our youth. Getting seven years out of a TV seems like a miracle these days; either through hardware breakdown or creeping featuritis. The days of the modular repair (remember "works in a drawer"?) are long gone.
  9. You know, I used the words "average consumer" twice to make some emphasis. "Dolby Vision" ? Even I have no idea what that is.... You negated your entire comment anyway when you said "early adopters".

    Early adopters != average consumers

    Go to the electronics section at Walmart and pretend you're looking for a new TV. Ask other consumers there what they think about Dolby Vision. Ask them about "HDR", "4K", or LED vs LCD vs OLED and see what responses you get. I think some will along the lines of,

    "Dude, I just want a big-*** TV for about $600 !"

    So which is it ? People buy new TVs for features or 'cause they break down (sooner) ?
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  10. My point is that some early UHD buyers (not all bleeding edgers) are already looking forward.
    I wouldn't have imagined that you would see it as an exclusive or. It is both properties of modern CE devices that are working in favor of shorter life cycles.

    My local Walmart passed parity between HD and UHD TVs on the wall some time ago. Target is much the same. They're having to explain why some cost hundreds more.
  11. I believe a large majority of viewers listen thru their TV speakers. DV will never mean anything to them.

    I got my main TV in April of 2005. I hoped for it to last five years. I'm still happy with the picture. I will never spend $3,000 for a TV again. I probably won't spend $2,000. And if my wife gets her way, .......
  12. Just so you know, DolbyVision is about video (hence the "Vision" part), not the audio.
    I have roughly the same TV as you (JVC HD-61FN97), but after seeing some of the new doped LEDs and OLEDs, it is starting to look pretty faded and I'm certain a side-by-side comparison would be very embarrassing. The power consumption thing is big this week as the temperature is in the triple digits and having a 100W lamp isn't helping my A/C keep up. I think the fan needs to be cleaned too. I'll probably re-lamp it once more for $20 while I'm waiting for the HDR thing to shake out and the prices on those super sets to fall under $2,000. The lamps seem to last me about 4-5 years.
  13. Just so you know, my point was, if they care so little about AQ, why would we think they care about PQ? Most folks don't care. They crank the brightness to max and think the better TV is the brighter TV.

    Congrats on finding a lamp for $20.

    Many clean the mirror for greater brightness. I never have.

    After specs settle down and prices drop, I'll look at new TVs and move the JVC to a secondary role. I'm beginning to doubt that my next TV will be OLED.
  14. And that's what I'm on about. UHD TVs with HDR are much, MUCH brighter than our TVs. At the same time, they're also darker. Even the OLEDs are quite a bit brighter. Where the old DLP and LCoS RPTVs were under 500nits, the new panels are 1,000nits and higher.

    Where our TVs use an iris to help with dark scenes, the new TVs can do both light and dark at the same time and support video standards such as DolbyVision that can deliver that kind of dynamic range.

    Amazon is absolutely lousy with lamps for around $20 w/housing. They seem to be reasonably good quality as the last one I bought was in 2012. Much better than the $190 that JVC used to ask.
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  15. Not for me, I only replaced my Sony KDL-60W850B because I got the Sony XBR-65X950B as a gift.
  16. Perhaps the giver was ready for an upgrade even if you weren't? ;)
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  17. I'm already itching for a 75in after having the 65in for 2 years next month.
  18. I'm not sure I WANT a brighter TV. Larger, yes!

    I'm sure once I pry open the wallet, I'll wonder why I didn't do it years ago. But I'll continue to wait for the implementation of standards to settle down. Next year will cost less. By 2020, I'll probably be able to get one with green stamps.
  19. That's what holding me back, lack of clarity for the next couple years. I'll hold off unless I see some great deal at Christmas to get rid of my plasma in the office. I would also like to replace the 55in at the condo in Las Vegas. Got spoiled by the larger screens.
  20. Well, it was my mother that gave me the TV, but I had to pay for a small amount of it. She gave it to me because I was in a bad situation at the time and wanted to make me feel a little better and knew that was the model I was pondering over.
  21. So you were indeed lusting after a new TV in perhaps kind of an untouchable way. ;)
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