Over-the-air very underdeveloped in the US?

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  1. My TV is big enough at 13 feet but I want one with better dynamic range on both color (WCG) and brightness (HDR). A wider viewing angle wouldn't cause me any heartburn either. Game of Thrones has lots of dark scenes that aren't showing up all that well with my five year old lamp. I wish they would offer HD resolution displays with HDR and WCG as I can't see myself sitting four or five feet away from my TV to enjoy the benefits of higher resolution.
    The settling down hasn't started yet. They've introduced several new technologies just this year and of them, only one or two will likely make a go of it. DV and HLG look to be the most promising at this point. There's still some question about what they're going to do (if anything) about supporting ATSC 3.0 as well.
    If only Sperry and Hutchinson were still around. By 2020, I don't think we'll have seen much of what's coming in the next ten years. That's only 2-1/2 years (or what seems like a year if you're over 50) away.
  3. Has anybody tried out any of the new QLED TVs or or they not available in United States yet
  4. I saw a TV labeled such at Costco. Looked good, as much as anything could in there.
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