Paint a Logo onto the solid dish, who does it in Seattle??? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 8, 2008

Does anyone here knows who would be willing to paint my favorite Logo onto my
solid and oval shape dish???

The oval shape dish is 22.5 in. x 32.5 in.

Many years ago, "Skyvision" used to offer painting of football teams' logo on
customers' satellite dish. Then they stop doing that. Remember back then???

What would I find or do anyone here knows who does paint logos onto the dish
in the Seattle, Washington area??? It would have to be a weather proof paint kind.

Like I would like to have "POWERBALL" Lotto logo on the oval solid dish.
I found the logo on GOOGLE search


Anyone in the Seattle area can paint my favorite logo, "POWERBALL"???

Powerball LIVE LOTTO drawing is on SES2 satellite HD, Ku band.

It would be EXPENSIVE for me to send the dish to someone who
would paint my favorite logo on it.

IF any individual who's a graphic painter to paint a logo on the dish,
please PM, ME.

Also, what type of brand makes of the LNB should I get that would work
with this oval shape dish to receive SES2 satellite Ku band????

Hope all helps with answers.

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Aug 9, 2013
Look for professional aerographers (people who paint pictures on the cars and motorcycles) in the area. Paint they use is also weatherproof. I did such a think on 8' solid dish once, from that time use antenna as a painting on the seeling in the garage. ;)

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Sep 8, 2003
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Here is one I did 14 years ago.

The tan dish on the top left I created myself. The orange dish on the right dish had at team summit 2003.

I took a picture of the dish at team summit, brought the picture to a print shop and had a vinyl decal made.

It can be done.

My superdish prototype came out pretty nice. I did it so good, dish accused me of stealing a superdish from team summit.

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