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Sep 26, 2005
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When I got my Pansat 3500 a little under 2 years ago I compared the blind search speed against my Pansat 2700 and the 3500 came out much faster than the 2700 as expected.

Now when I compare them (Both have the latest software from the PansatUSA website) the Pansat 2700 is much faster than the Pansat 3500.

Example: The Pansat 2700 has finished scanning (Finding transponders) one polarity and the 3500 has only scanned (Finding transponders) half the same polarity.

The only advantages to my 3500 is it has a SD card for loading channel lists and saving them (This is very important to me ;)) and it scans the correct names of the channels it finds (Also very important to me) .

SETUP: The Pansat 3500 is connected directly to my motor setup and the Pansat 2700 is connected to the "IF OUT" on the 3500.

Also I have tried using the "Restore Factory Defaults" option.

Do you think this is caused by extensive use, I used to blind scan the visible arc from my location daily plus satellites I am interested in multiple times a day? (Recently I have done less scanning due to other thing I have been working on)

Maybe it is time to open it up and take a look to see if there are any burnt or leaky components inside.



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Sep 22, 2005
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couple of ideas

Well, since you have your channel list file from the 3500sd, this isn't really as awful as it sounds . . .

You could do a full factory reset of the 3500. (Oh, I see you did!)
Then try a blind scan and time it against your 2700.
Then, restore your channels to it and then do another blind scan (just to double check).

One thing I ran into with another receiver (which I screwed up), is that for some settings, a factory reset wasn't good enough.
I had to actually reload the correct firmware.
As inappropriate as that is, it was the only way to fully restore the factory defaults.
It wasn't on a Pansat, so your mileage may vary.


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Apr 18, 2006
My pansat 3500 still has some fluky problem in that if you hit remote's tv/radio button it'll swap over to radio once, then swap back, and then you won't be able to ever return to radio til you do a factory reset. I have no idea why, but it is. I finally worked around it by scanning the audio channels in as tv stations with false video pids, but still kinda makes you wonder about how wonderful the hardware is.... also, I think when I first got it this didn't happen, until a couple months after having it I got a tp overload... so guess moral of the story is ALWAYS delete your pansat's extra uneeded TPs.
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