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Jun 3, 2008
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I just recently pulled my old Tivo with Lifetime out of the closet and have been getting reacquainted with the OTA channels in my area. Tivo has always had difficulty keeping up with channel frequency and network affiliation changes. It seems as if they do not correct any mis-information until a customer complains and then it is questionable if the results will be correct. Trip's site on the other hand is always so very up to date and even warns of upcoming changes. I was wondering if there was any way that Rabbit Ears could make a deal with Tivo to keep their data base correct and maybe even make some money in return.


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May 5, 2007
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TiVo's parent (Rovi) handles their guide data. Rovi could use the available data but they've apparently chosen not to place a priority on updates.

Channel mapping has been a much bigger battle since the Rovi acquisition (even before the repack began).


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Jun 21, 2008
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Yeah, I used to have contacts at TiVo but the people I knew there have all left. I've always gladly offered my data to anyone who wants it, and that hasn't changed.

- Trip
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TIVO has actually been more on top of things with the advent of repack changes, at least here in Tampa. They have already made changes for upcoming channel movements scheduled on the 26th. That includes frequency changes and sub channels moving, and even the actual programming moving to different sub channels. Past repack changes were done timely.


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Ted Malone seems to be the technology face of TiVo, now that Margaret left. He posts on TCF quite a bit. The TiVo/Rovi guide and channel data could definitely use some work and would benefit from Trips good work.

DABL listings from TiVo in Tulsa on 47.2 has the same problem I spent over a year complaining about when it was LightTV. The data is 2 hrs off. Now there is also data for DABL on 53.3 and that channel isn’t DABL it’s an SD feed of GEB, so that data is incorrect and for some reason Plex and the HDHomeRun app want to go to 53.3 instead of 47.2 if 53.3 is tuned first. I’ll give it a few more weeks to possibly straighten out, before I try filing more corrections on TiVo report a problem form.

Ted Malone (@ted_malone) on Twitter


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Jun 3, 2008
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I am glad to hear that Tivo shows some improvement as of late. It is a shame they are not interested in Trip's data. I have filed a channel addition request on the Tivo web-site and will report the eventual outcome. I think part of my frustration has stemmed from the fact that I may be the only OTA Tivo customer in my area. The "All Channels" guide is packed with incorrect data from Juarez, Mexico and I will leave that battle for any other customer that needs correct information.


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Oct 18, 2013
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I've had decent luck lately tweeting to TiVoSupport on Twitter. When the ACC Network was added by Spectrum in our area they had the channel up and running but TiVo hadn't added it to our lineup. Once they did add it to the lineup there was no guide data, and TiVo couldn't seem to understand what was wrong. A few back & forth DM's with the Twitter account got the problem fixed, so that might be an avenue to pursue too.

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