Picked up some 3rd Generation Panasonic 3D Glasses


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May 29, 2006
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I have had 4 different pairs of Samsung 2011 glasses, and these are both more comfortable and less reflective on the inside than they were. That was always a complaint of mine, seeing a weird reflection inside the glasses while they were on my head in a dark/dim room. Also cool they have an actual on/off switch and a switch to see a 3D image in 2D.

I'm also pleasantly surprised at how light they are as well as feeling like a quality build. Good job Panasonic.
My brother got a 60 incher and I've talked him into inviting the wife and I to his place to watch the Olympics in 3D. So a question. I have a big head (no laughing) and we both wear glasses. So are there sizes? How big do they get?
Small = 19"-21" head circumfrance; Medium=21"-24" head circumfrance; Large=24"-27" head circumfrance

My Mellon measured 23" around, and the mediums are plenty fine. I think for 2012 they are only gonna have med and small, basically adult and kid.

I got my 3rd pair of 3rd gens yesterday ordered from a guy on ebay, $97 and he had 7 more at the time. Those 3rd gens are damn comfortable and look cool too. They also have a switch that allows you to turn them on, then turn them into 2D mode. This is great if you are watching a 3D movie and one person in the group gets sick from 3D. They just flip the switch and watch it in 2D.
Not sure, I like the looks of the glasses Jason has posted above. The Mits are more clunky earlier gen glasses.

They also weigh only 26 grams, which rocks. The inside is much less reflective from reflections going on behind you, and like I said that 2D/3D switch is pretty sweet.
Wow, these glasses were a lot cheaper around Christmas time. I paid $180 for a twin pack at Amazon at the time. Fro a third pair, I bought the Xpand 103-p2-g1. They're only $60, and work fine. Comfortable, but the fit is not a good as the panny glasses though.

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