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Jul 29, 2007
I hope someone can help me solve this problem. I have just changed from cable to DishNetwork. I am trying to setup my ReplayTV. I have completed the setup (several times) and get 'no video signal detected' or just nothing. This is an old TV that has only one coax input. I have the sat cable running through the Replay. If I turn off the replay, I can watch whatever. I have deleted the guide with 243 twice, twice. I have tried tweaking the IR signal. Initially, I would get the blue screen with the no video detected message. After rebooting, twice, now I get only a black screen. When changing channels, the title bar does appear for a few seconds, but no video, no sound. Oh yes, I have tried running, coas, video one, and video two with rca and s-video, and no, not at the same time. I always disabled the others and tried one input at a time.

Again, I am running a ReplayTV 4508 and a basic DishNetwork 311. If anyone could help me get back up and running, I would be most grateful.


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May 18, 2004
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Step me through just your setup again please. As far as how you are connected and in what order. From the SAT to the TV. After this we will step through your ReplayTV's setup. (this is where I think the issue is though).

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