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May 20, 2005
Hi I was hoping somebody could help. I was looking into getting D or E for my service. I have Charter for cable they have next to nothing for HD. I started to look at D and E but my issue with D and E is there long term contract which I do not want to sign. If D or E rolls out enough HD I would consider a long term contract. I have pretty much decided to wait and hope charter gets in gear. In the mean time I thought about going to ota which gives me more locals then charter does. My question is there a box out there I can use to receive charter and ota? Or do I have to buy a different box? Let’s say an activated voom box to receive locals. Then loose out on they cash that was spent once more is brought to the table with charter. If somebody has a better idea let me know? I am really confused what my next step should be. Thanks for the help.
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Aug 6, 2005
This is probably NOT an answer to your question so please excuse me and my ignorance. I recently saw a program on public television, a show called Digital Duo, which covered the HD scene very well, including cable/sat providers. Their comment was to wait a while because the content was not there yet.
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Feb 9, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a digital cable box that'll also get HD OTA.

I think as close as you'll find is a box that does ATSC and NTSC in one. My TV does this.

Basicly.... you can get Analog cable & HD OTA on a single box if it has both an NTSC and ATSC tuner.
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