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Sep 7, 2003
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Spring is here, or so the calendar says! Here at the SatelliteGuys headquarters in Newington, Connecticut spring still appears to be a few weeks away as our forecast is calling for snow tonight.

Anyways when spring starts its normal for things to bloom and grow and that is what we are doing here at SatelliteGuys!

This spring SatelliteGuys grows and today we are proud to announce a number of changes and additions that we hope will make SatelliteGuys even better for you!
SatelliteGuys is America’s Largest and most trusted Satellite Information Site, and since Satellite is in our first name we are proud to talk about all kinds of Satellite technology here, from DIRECTV to DISH all the way to C Band and Free to Air Satellite System!

We are proud that SatelliteGuys has America’s Largest and most popular Free to Air Satellite forums, and today I am proud to announce that WALLYHTS has joined our SatelliteGuys staff and will be working with KE4EST, ICEBERG and DFERGIE to expand our Free to Air Discussion even further! If you need FTA, Help, Advice or Equipment reviews we are your one stop site for it all! WALLYHTS has a true passion for the FTA hobby and loves helping people learn more about Free to Air! Please help us welcome him to the staff!

SatelliteGuys is a COMMUNITY where we are all friends, and we have seen in the past one of the things that brings a community together is the power of music and nothing says community better than a radio station operated and hosted by fellow SatelliteGuys members!

Today we soft launch SatelliteGuys radio at for your enjoyment and we are now accepting applications from our members to be DJ’s where you can host your own shows!

We are proud to welcome a SatelliteGuys Radio Alumni to our staff here as the SatelliteGuys Radio coordinator! Please help me welcome EuroSport to the SatelliteGuys staff! EuroSport will be handling all aspects of SatelliteGuys radio including the signing up of DJ’s, helping DJ’s get setup, the scheduling of shows and more! If its SatelliteGuys Radio related, then EuroSport is your man! For more details on SatelliteGuys Radio please see our new SatelliteGuys Radio forum!

When no one member is broadcasting on SatelliteGuys Radio then you will hear the best of the 70’s 80’s 90’s and Today, and all commercial free! So tune into SatelliteGuys Radio today at!
SatelliteGuys is launching its own weather network! We learned that many of our members are weather junkies and many have their own personal weather stations. Because of this starting on April 1st we will offer all supporting Pub Members their own personal web space to host their own weather sites! Placing a weather station online has up until this point been a costly proposition, but now SatelliteGuys makes it easier for members to share their weather in their part of the world!

For a sample of a live SatelliteGuys Weather Network website, please check out our SatelliteGuys Headquarters weather station at

In addition to weather stations we will be allowing supporting Pub Members to setup their own personal web sites for NON COMMERCIAL use as well! These new websites will be hosted on a special webserver we have setup and features full Cpanel acess for all members hosting their own sites!

Look for details on April 1st on how you can setup your own site!

Finally one last thing in closing, since opening up SatelliteGuys almost 10 years ago, I set it up so people could talk freely and help other members with issues they might have. I have never been one who has liked to censor anyone. However, as of late we have seen an increase of trolling and mean spirited posts, this needs to stop and stop now.

SatelliteGuys was built for members to help others and not to put down or be mean to one another. We have always been known as the friendly satellite site and we need to remain loyal to our mission.
Therefore I would kindly ask that if you have nothing to add to a thread then don’t post to it,Keep all threads on topic,and lastly don’t troll. We understand there is no perfect satellite or cable company but there is no need for you to go into that companies forum and just bash them every chance you get. These posts will no longer be tolerated,will be removed and if necessary infractions will be given out which could lead to you being removed from accessing those fourms or worse yet, banned from accessing SatelliteGuys.

Just some examples of what we have been seeing as of late which has us upset…

“I just moved into a new house and I am upset that I have to cancel DIRECTV and get DISH as I can not see the DIRECTV satellites from my house.”
Response “Good riddance that means we will no longer see your annoying posts here in the DIRECTV forum.”

Come on guys that’s not cool, and is unacceptable

Another one “Hey I just got DISH and love it so far! Does anyone have tips for what good Bluetooth headphones are good for use with the Hopper?”
Reply “In a few months you will hate DISH because they will drop your favorite channel.”

That’s just trolling there folks. It added nothing to the topic and did not help out the member with their question.

Now another thing we notice is after a member asks a question and the question is answered, the thread sometimes goes off in a different direction. to me this is ok as the original question was answered.
We want anyone to come here and find the help they need and to be able to learn in a friendly environment. We don’t want to over moderate, but in the examples given above we will have no choice in order to keep SatelliteGuys one of the friendliest Satellite Sites on the internet!

Now one more thing in closing, later today we will be opening a poll in our Pub Members forum for our supporters to vote on and that is SatelliteGuys is considering bringing “The Pit” back to SatelliteGuys! “The Pit” was a popular political discussion forum which ran for years here at SatelliteGuys. We are considering bring it back but with a few new rules. Those rules are quite simple. Those rules are as follows:

1) The Pit will only be open to SatelliteGuys Supporting Pub Members ONLY
2) The Pit will be an OPT IN FORUM meaning those who do not want to see the PIT will not have to see it.
3) All discussions will be kept family friendly, meaning no swearing.
4) There will be NO FLAMING of other members. Opinions given in the pit are just that OPINIONS. There are no rights or wrongs with giving an opinion. Flaming others because you do not agree with another members OPINION will not be tolerated. Instead debate the member in a fun spirited way but understand that others may not agree with your OPINION.
5) Violate any of these rules, then it's 3 strikes and you’re out. We want to give you a place to talk with friends. Think of the pit as your favorite local bar where you can talk about the issues with your friends. Once you are out of the Pit you are out for good.
6) Per the forum rules no political discussion is allowed outside “The Pit.” Violation of this rule is subject to normal SatelliteGuys rules and policies.

The voting will open today and will close on March 31st. If you would like to see “The Pit” return then make sure you vote!

It is my hope that with these changes and additions that we continue making SatelliteGuys a friendlier place that you will want to visit again and again! We thank all our members for their feedback and support!
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Feb 8, 2008
If you wanna have a say whether or not the PIT makes a comeback,join us in the pub area by becoming a pub member and place your vote! You will also help support the site while at the same time enjoying an ad free experience. Remember polls close March 31st.

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