Portland OR KPDX 49.3 change from Bounce to Circle


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Nov 3, 2015
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A couple days ago I noticed that 49.3 (KPDX) has been changed to Circle. This was expected when the contract ran out. Bounce is over on the ION TV station. 12/49 are owned by Gray TV that has Circle TV.
Also coming up Sept 1st, KATU also Portland will drop METV 2.2 and change to Charge!. I have no idea where METV will go in Portland, but out here on the Oregon Coast, we have a Weigel Class A (KPWT-36), scans as 3.1 H&I, 3.2 Start TV, 3.3 Movies!, 3.4 Decades, 3.5 METV+, & 3.6 Story TV. METV will probably will be added. Most the the Weigel stations have METV in 720p, .1, so probably 3.1 will be METV in 720p and H&I will drop to 480i on 3.2.
Beginning September 1st, MeTV will be moving from KATU 2.2 to the following channels: KJYY-LD3 29.3 (Portland), KJWY-LD3 21.3 (Salem),
Comcast (Xfinity) 1197.
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Out here on the Northern Oregon Coast, Weigel has KPWT and they have the rest of the Weigel networks, except for METV, which has been licensed via KATU 2.2. Now with METV going to a low power station in the Portland market that few can receive, I am hoping out here METV will end up on KPWT.
MeTV ran the alert this morning and at first it would make sense that KPWT applied for and was granted a full-power status that would take effect on September 1st. We would then have all of the Weigel networks including the elusive Decades and MeTV+ in the Portland and Salem areas. After researching the new channel assignments, alas it's not KPWT but KJYY and KJWY respectfully. Hopefully, one day KPWT will become a full-power station and our dream will come true!
seems METV has been dropped off several major network affiliates the last few years....
Here is an article why Sinclair made the decision to move Charge! to a better channel assignment (Sinclair’s Multicast Networks to Add 13M+ Homes by September) This was most likely a business decision since Sinclair Broadcast Group owns KATU (ABC), KUNP (UNIVISION) and Charge! To Sinclair, it makes more sense to move Charge! to KATU 2.2 because they believe more viewers will watch and their ad revenue will increase rather than it's previous location of KUNP 47.3 Too bad they did not consider moving MeTV to KUNP 47.3 The big drawback is beginning September 1st, the only way to get MeTV in the Portland area is through Xfinity since KJYY and KJYW are low-power stations that most residents cannot receive.
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That is why Weigel has bought up TV stations as well as translators and LPTV's to get the coverage. As the big owners like Sinclair, Tegna, Nexstar concentrate on on their own Networks to be added. We still do not have Rewind in the NW as yet. We got that Sports Grid earlier unfortunately. So the space is getting less and less, unless others want to do what Tegna has done, add on a couple more slots (THIS & The Grio). That is always an option. Both Seattle & Bellingham have Weigel stations as well as Astoria. I am surprised Portland doesn't as yet.
Comcast (Xfinity) will launch MeTV on channel 1197 beginning September 13th. Rewind TV should come to the Portland once the contract is over for Court TV on KRCW 32.3 It would be nice if Weigel owned a station in the Portland area. They could consider buying KJYY and convert it to a full power station (equiptment, towers, permits, license, etc) and broadcast all their diginets including MeTV+. As for Sports Grid, it was the money they paid Nexstar to carry their network since sports gambling is now legal and they wanted some exposure in the Portland area.
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Weigel did add #7 on KPWT LD Astoria today. Maybe Ch 15 Up North owned by Weigel will move to Portland. Licensed to Astoria, but cannot be received here. KPWT's line up is:
3.1 H&I (720p)
3.2 Start TV
3.3 Movies!
3.4 Decades
3.5 METV+
3.6 Story TV
3.7 METV (720p)

They are on Megler Mt at 10 miles from me, but send a big chunk of their power West at Long Beach WA.
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KOXI-CD (20.7) Portland, OR is broadcasting the MeTV feed at 480i SD from KJYY-LD (29.3). When the MeTV network ID bumper is shown, you will see the KOXI 20 ID for a few seconds, then the remaining MeTV Portland name. Glad to see this arrangement was made for those of us watching OTA.
The Xfinity Community Forum says Comcast has yet to launch MeTV (channel 1197) in the Portland, OR area. Many subscribers are upset because they have waited 2 weeks since MeTV announced on their website that the network would be available September 13th. MeTV and Comcast have yet to update this situation.
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MeTV launched this morning on channel 1156 not 1197 as earlier reported. When I turned to MeTV (channel 1156), it said "To watch this program, you'll need to upgrade your channel package." What?? This is only a basic channel. Nothing more. Hopefully this is a techincal issue and will be resolved soon.
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Call Comcast. You should be getting it if METV is indeed to a basic tier. Glad it is now available. Is it in SD or HD? 2.2 had it in SD, but 3.7 has it in HD as well as 3.1 H&I. The rest of the other 5 are in SD.
I went to the Xfinity Community Forum and agree with "user_b098b4" that my hunch was correct. Once it is visable I will confirm the resolution status. I hope it's not like the recently added Charge ! (KATU DT2) on channels 302 & 1170. Comcast shows these channels in a 480i SD non widescreen format. So, what you see is a small reduced retangular picture. No worries because I also have Philo which carries MeTV (east feed) in a 720p HD format.

MeTV is now on channel 1156, however the video is like I described above regarding Charge! (480i, non widescreen reduced picture).
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