Possible bug in Native setting (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 18, 2004
North of Toledo
First let me explain that i do not know anything.

But I read about using the red button to get the native setting, and I tried it.
The problem resulted when I decided to look at the setting in the install wizard.

Press VOOM, press green button, select settings, select wizard, BOOM screen goes wild, picture completely scrambled, but sound ok. pressed watch and no change.

So I got up and pressed the red button till it went to 1080i, all is well, and I had no trouble checking the setting in the wizard.

I tried it again with the same results(imagine that).

Not a problem for me, but I am wondering if this is a problem for you that want the native setting or is it no biggie.
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SatelliteGuys Family
Mar 30, 2004
its probably when you are selecting 720p. what you are describing sounds like your TV doesnt support that resolution, so you see the "scrambled image"

might be something else, but sounds like it is
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 5, 2004
Ken, some TVs only accept certain inputs using DVI (Or even component) mine for example only accepts 480p or 1080i with DVI, anything else causes the screen the "go wild" (sounds like something that should be on a late night infomercial HDTV's GONE WILD!!").

If you have turned it to native mode, and a feed your TV does not accept comes down, the STB will just let it pass through, and your TV won't understand it. It's better to check your manual, and see what resolutions it accepts, or just leave it at 1080i.
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