Anything is possible but in all fairness...

voom voom voom and a bottle of rum

In case you need a flag....


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Optimusprime Vicki and Deeann

What can a scurvy mate like meself say but.

HAAAAAARRRRRRGHH! We'll swab the decks with the blood of Jimmy boy, and hoist that banner on our Sinking Ship! and go down with with pride....

(and one more HAAAAAARRRRRRGHH! for good measure!)
Sat Junkie...just "itching" for the opportunity to put that plan in action!

Gutter...guess I better fess up before I'm found out's actually the bodice that is more voluptious...the bosom, not so much... :no :D Jamey said, that flag really IS fantastic!!! :yes Is it OK if I use it in my new tagline? :D

Pirate ships be off the coast...

VoOm flag be flyin', matey... Miss Vicky, keep yer bosom tight. We canno' have Bloody Dolan... Mishandlin' anything else... Th' silver dagger be a perfect gift for our... Reception with Scalawag Dolan an' his scurvy crew of mindless pups. Haaardeee Haarrrrrrr! Hoist th' flag! Our ship be settin' sail!
Optimusprime, sir...I've been trying to hoist the flag into my signature for about two hours now...apparently I'm better at swabbing decks than figuring out how to save that wonderful flag in my signature... :no Anyone have any help to offer this poor wench? :confused:
Vicki, try adding this in your sig (you'll need to take out the "zzz" at the start and end for it to work):


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