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Dec 28, 2010
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I have an older Phillips surround sound system that hadn't been used in years. It works great, but the previous owner lost the remote for it. My Comcast remote will turn it off using the AUX button, but won't turn it back on. It will not operate sound control, either. Nor can I adjust sound levels like treble, bass, etc. I called Comcast, no help of course, bought a Phillips universal remote, not so universal (even same brand, ) and finally broke down and called Phillips. Of course they want 35 dollars plus shipping for a new remote.
1. Any other ideas or am I going to have to break down and order a new remote?
2.Why does the remote work certain features but not others?
Thanks, Andy
PS--The model is Phillips HTS3544/37 And it was mfg 2007


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Aug 12, 2009
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You could try an older Logitech Harmony remote, like the 700, 900, or One. Remote codes are either in binary or Pronto HEX. Logitech remotes support Pronto HEX, so all you'd need is to find the Pronto HEX codes for all the functions of that Phillips. If the codes are in binary, then there is a PC-based program to convert those to Pronto HEX. The codes can be added to your Logitech remote account and then downloaded into the remote.

Another option is the Acoustic Research Xsight remotes but these are programed or learned only. The remotes are made by UEI, which have the most comprehensive remote code data base of the bunch. They also have PC-based programming software but not sure whether discreet codes can be added like the Logitech remotes.

Just buying the original remote for $35 is a better option than the above remotes, which are in excess of $100 but offer up activity-based or even macro ability.


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Dec 28, 2004
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I've had two of the Xsight remotes. They worked great when they worked, but unfortunately that wasn't for long. I think they each lasted about two years.


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Nov 13, 2013
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If you can't find the codes here's a used original remote on ebay for $19.99 shipped: and a new one for $25.99 shipped:
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Jan 8, 2021
For some reason. The Philips sound bar code of 0916 worked for my HTS3544. Can't turn it onnor off but i can control volyme only.

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