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Sep 8, 2003
Forgive me if this has been covered already...

Scott, thanks for an awesome site! Your work here is truly appreciated. I have one complaint/suggestion. For some reason it drives me crazy to not know what date and time a post was made. I've looked all over the messages, and I don't see a date/time stamp. Maybe I'm missing it. If it's not there, is there any way you could add that feature to your otherwise fantastic forum board?

Tim I have fixed your account, you should now be seeing the date and times on message.

Have fun!
Scott, what should the format be and I'll change? I only have the date, no time. I know it is just the format.
Could you fix my account as well. It has been driving me crazy as well!

Can you fix me too please? I got the date on myself but can't see the time. Thanks.
I would like to see the date that a message was posted.

also the date that the poster joined are dates in the future
I am fixed now too, Thanks!... Was it just members that joined early or something that got mess up?
Its a bug in the system. :)

I have searched hard and long but have not found a fix (I am told it has something to do with the PHP version we are running)

If you are having this problem still check this thread for the fix. :)
Scott Greczkowski said:
If you are having this problem still check this thread for the fix. :)

Thanks Scott. This was really bugging me. I could see the dates if I logged out, but not when logged in. After adjusting those settings in my profile, the problem was solved.
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