Post Repack TVs and Tuners


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Oct 17, 2019
Hadley, pa.
Yes the 8200 u is the one I bartered for. I traded snowmobile track studs and backer plates for it. Box has never been opened


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Jul 5, 2019
Ypsilanti, MI
OK, I will plan on connecting the LTE filter at the grounding barrel connector about three feet below the antenna. From there a 100 foot RG6 quad-shield cable goes to the diplexer just under the satellite dish. There are no amplifiers in the system and no coax is connected to the back of my TV, just the Orby DVR. Here in El Paso UHF TV goes from 15 to 36 with one lone VHF on 13.
That should give u a cleaner OTA signal going to your Orby DVR. It will be minus a lot of the higher RF LTE interference, and should attentuate any Band 71 T-Mobile LTE in the RF38-51 range.
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