Preamp for attic antenna?

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  1. I have a Channel Master Stealthtenna 50 in my attic connected to a Dish 612. I am receiving all channels with signal strength in the 70s, but on occasion one channel will pixelate and break up. I also lose signal during inclement weather. I was thinking of adding a preamp - something like the Titan CM-7778.

    Think this will give me the little boost I need? Are there any other good preamps out there?
  3. First submit and post the graphic of a tvfool report:

    The best way to get a true and accurate picture of your situation, thus a good answer from the
    fine folks here.
  4. KPNX is the one that give me the most trouble. The rest I get a reliable signal on.

  5. Try it you might like it.
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    I don't really see a smoking gun in the TV Fool as is usually seen around here.

    The CM-7778 may probably be a better choice than the CM-7777 given your chart,
    the CM-7777 could have too much gain for some scenarios.
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  7. I know the correct solution is to move the antenna to the roof, but trying to avoid that. The high gain amp was my concern, I didn't want to overload the signal.
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  8. KPNX is the weakest station but not much different from your other stations, it is probably on the threshold for your location. I don't really like that Channel Master antenna but adding an amplifier is an easy cure if it works.
  9. The 7778 is your best choice. I live in a area where my ABC is hard to get. The only amp that works without drowning out other channels is the 7778.
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  10. Rat Shak sells a preamp with variable gain,while I can't attest to their current quality,I've never had any problems with their stuff in the past.In fact I have one in use that's been out there 10 or 15 years now.
    There's also the RCA TVpramp1z(I think) that seems to work well,not variable tho.If you experience overloading you could pad it down with a splitter(-3.5db) or two,or a tap,they come in different -db ratings,or a barrel attenuator.
  11. Is your antenna aimed at south mountain ? I'm in Mesa . I know attics can be a pain to point in ..
  12. I have the TVPRAMP1Z and it works extremely well, but I'm in a deep fringe area (50 miles from towers). Might be too much gain for your application. You can usually find it for about $20 though at Menards or Lowe's

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  13. Sure is. I think my biggest issue is the terracotta roof and stucco it's going through.
  14. Yes that will definitely cause signal loss. With that additional information I would definitely add amplification.
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  15. J

    I receive channel's 80 Miles out antenna high is 90Ft,AGL,10 69.1 in ct state zip 01150 ,
    Johann son amp vhf 35db UHF,25/40db 24votls $65+sh noise 3,5 /VHF,35:DB UHF/,UHF,BOTH ARE 35:DB,TO40:DB $80+SH THE picture IS 20XBETTER OVER THE CHANNEL MASTER 7778&7777
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