Preferred ballast material for FTA aficionados?

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  1. I have tried many different materials, guys. Sandbags, a boat anchor, buck-shot... I even tried casting hot lead into the daggone thing in desperation to prevent the inevitable - but alas, all it took in the end was my cat to notice a butterfly fart on a daffodil in my garden to seal its fate.

    My poor, cheap, Chinese Coolsat v7 was whipped violently off of its perch by the turbulence that Air Korat created as he sprung out of a dead sleep by the startling revelation that indeed, butterflies do fart, when they do, it /must/ be upon a daffodil - and most surprising of all, that nobody makes a FTA receiver weighing more than said fly-by butterfly-delivered daffodil scent.

  3. Ah the fun of sharing the FTA hobby with kitty. :)
    PrimeStar 005.JPG
    "What you talking about seeing birds? I don't see any birds."
    "No kitty I'm seeing Galaxy 28"
    "28 Galaxy birds? I'll have one with lots of gravy, please."
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  4. depends what you are mounting the STB to.
    my first thougt would be Velcro.
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  5. Surely ye jest.
  6. It died? If not or when you get another...
    Put it in a cabinet that the cat can't mess with?
    Duct Tape?
    Um, shoot the cat?
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  7. Ideally, one would expect such a device to be substantial in weight, no? The unfortunate blessing is that none of the other items around it were damaged because of it's weight as it fell... Were the same fate to befall any of the other, older receivers I have had in the past (such as a Monterey 100c!) - ignoring the fact that it wouldn't have in the first place, mind you - my cat would have far bigger things to worry about than dodging a few ounces of metal and silicon...

    Velcro is a good idea, I honestly had not thought of that so thank you..

    Might help with the cat too.
  8. Velcro works good. I had a USB tuner velcroed to the back of my desk for years. :)
  9. We must have had the most talented cat in the world. I've watched her launch herself off the back of my recliner and onto the shelf above our fireplace that's loaded with crystal figurines from my wife's crystal collection without a single incident. Just to keep you on edge, she would weave in and out among those things like a rat in a maze, and not once did she send one flying to the floor.

    More than once, my wife said "that cat may have 9 lives, but I have 10 rounds in my pistol, and I'll use them all if that cat breaks one of my figurines." Snowball must have been living right because she died at the ripe old age of 15. I thought she would have died of a gun shot wound much sooner.

    My Labrador wasn't so lucky. He sent one of her figurines sailing across the room, smacking the wall shattering into a million pieces. That tail of his was like a baseball bat. He was banished from the kingdom forever after that. :(
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  10. And who's fault was that,the dog for being a dog,or the silly human for putting breakables in the dogs range ? ;)
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  11. My parents had a Mastiff-Red Bone cross, over 200 lbs. His tail wag would leave bruises if you weren't careful. :)
    No fault for the wife or dog, classified as S**t Happens. Fault would be not learning from the experience. ;)
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