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Aug 7, 2008
Lehighton, PA
KB3WBB here. It might be interesting to list your primary units. My primary receiver is a Yaesu FRG-7000 with a Hallicrafters S-20R, Hallicrafters S-39, and Panasonic RF-3100 as backup units off an outdoor 75' longwire antenna running north to south. As for xmitting, I currently spend my time on 2M with a Kenwood TM-281A running off a Jetstream power supply.


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Aug 14, 2011
AH7S here. Haven't been active for quite awhile since moving to Hawaii. But was quite active as AA7FL (alpha alpha 7 frontal lobotomy) back in Oregon as well as WB7VKD, WB2PMW and WN2PMW.
With the real estate back on the mainland for a nice 80 meter loop and Butternut Vertical, was able to get 5BDXCC, 5BWAZ, 45 wpm code proficiency, etc.
Here, not so much over the last 16 years or so.
Nice to see folks still attracted to hamming.
BTW, just to tickle the memories of some of the old timers here,...
When upgrading from Novice to General many years ago, actually had to take the written and code tests at the FCC office in downtown NYC. The 13 wpm receiving test was sent by a paper strip through their machine and we also had to do a sending test.
In the written test, we had to both read and draw schematic diagrams as well as answer questions.
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Aug 7, 2008
Lehighton, PA
WB5YYM, Extra since forever. Not active much anymore, but did spend 30 bucks last year on a Baofeng UV5R and built a couple yagi's for 2m and 440 to work Saudisat 1c which led to the FTA satellite hobby.
Those Baofengs are a real price bargain. I have the UV-B5 and an Etekcity (same company) UV-5RA, both with Nagoya NA-701 antennas. It's amazing how well made they are, especially for the price. I keep one in my 4Runner and one in the wife's Santa Fe.


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Mar 1, 2006
Roseville, CA 121W
And another, N6BY.

First got my Tech license in '98. 10 years later it expired. I waited till they dropped the morse code requirement, then got my Extra ticket. After that I had to enter some FCC lotteries (3 total) until I got the vanity call 'N6BY'. I was lucky because 9 other people were in the drawing.

I am not on the air much. Mostly interested in SDR and programming, and DSP

Today I got my program working to record a raw IQ signal from the SDRPlay and store it in a .WAV file. My goal is to learn how to demodulate digital modes.


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Mar 16, 2004
San Francisco, CA
Here's another one... I'm WB9LOZ. Name is Larry and I'm a General. I was originally licensed as a Novice waaaay back in 1961 while in High School. I got relicensed as a Tech in Chicago in 1973 and kept my callsign when I moved out here to San Francisco in 1979. I upgraded to General in the mid-80's. I used to run the W6PW-3 San Francisco RC BBS on packet from 1986 to 2000. When packet activity dropped to just 5 users, due to everyone's move to the internet, I didn't think it was worth spending the money on the electricity to keep it going. I'm still active occasionally on 2 meters and 450. When I had a new roof put on last Spring my 40 meter dipole got removed and I've never replaced it. I listen occasionally using a long wire, but it doesn't load very well, so I don't do any transmitting on the low bands. You can check out my website at www.larrykenney.com.


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Oct 18, 2010
New Mexico
WB6SJM here. Not very active, but hope to get on more when I retire next year. :) Wife and one son also have their license. Got my 1st class radiotelephone license (with radar endorsement) when I was 19. Guess they don't have those anymore.

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Nov 15, 2016
Kaleva Mich
N8BMH here in Ludington. Great to read another satellite person that is not a zillion miles away from me.
RT if you know Rick Smedberg he is in our 78 repeater club , few years back I put a antenna on the ludington repeater , and wondered if you might be related to Earl Lasarge on us -31 up by Onekama ?


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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Nice to meet you all. N2HUN here, listening more these days than transmitting but I still fire up the Tempo One occasionally to smell the heat and savor the glow from the 16 tubes.....

At one time had an FCC Third Class radiotelegraph license, haven't the slightest idea what I was thinking then.

Took exam at the FCC office on 201 Varick St., NYC back in the 70's. They were located one floor below my Army Reserve Unit HQ hihi.
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