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Feb 10, 2004
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When did the cost of the program packages increase. I looked a few days ago and the total chioce plus was 33.99 and 39.99 if locals were included. Now I see its 39.99 with out locals.

The price increase started March 1, the total choice plus went from 37.99 to 39.99 and if you had the locals it went from 39.99 to 43.99. I can not wait until they have the Tulsa locals so I can give my DirecTivo's a real workout. The first price you had was for the total choice package and the second was for the total choice plus. Directv had to raise their rates 1 month after Dish Network had raised their rates kinda like the local gas stations trying to follow each others prices.
A $4 increase, seems pretty hefty, although I think they were not charging much more for the package with locals.
I made a mistake the new price for total choice plus with locals is 42.99 not 43.99 so it did end up just costing 3 dollars more a month with the new price increase.
Now that you brought up $ increases

How much is too much for DirecTV? I remember the days when I first got it that I was paying about $50 in 1997. Now, not counting NBA Ticket, I'm paying close to $90/month. Three receivers, HBO, HD package, $43 Total Choice with Locals, All the Network East Coast + West Coast. Man this is adding up! I think what will really start pissing people off is the HD rates. I get something like 7 HBO channels, yet I only watch the HD version of HBO now. So why can't I ditch the others for a $ discount? Not possible. Ok as more channels are offered in HD, its a cinch that DirecTv will charge for it, and make us keep paying for their non HD brothers as well.
The nice thing is if you are under a 1 Yr. contract your price will not increase till the contract expires. Your billing rate will increase but you will receive a credit to bring the cost back down.
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