Problem with 625 single line in from switch.


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Oct 13, 2011
Hi, I am usually good at hooking things up. I have a 625 that I hooked up running two lines from a quad switch. My problems started on Monday. One of my two lines to the receiver from the satellite switch got chewed by an animal. It was late and dark so I thought the separator would be a quick fix until this weekend when I have some free time to run a new line. I have a nice feed from one line and one is completely chewed through. I had all channels and no problems, other than was just showing on one tv. I unhooked satellite line two which was not getting a feed. I took line one and placed it on the end of the separator and then placed the short lines from it to sat 1 and sat 2. Now here is my problem. On TV one all is great. On TV 2 I only get channels 2-60 and some spotty channels mostly west cost feeds and some of my showtime. After about two hours both TV feeds go to the error that partial signal has been lost to no signal. I have two other 311 receivers running just fine no signal loss at all. I can not understand why I can only get all channels on one tv, and only a few on the other tv? I have a dish pro LNB that was installed in 2008 along with the dish pro quad switch. I also called tech support and was told my switch or separator was bad. I do not think it is the switch because the other tvs are fine and when i run two lines the 625 is okay. I do not think its the separator it was brand new and stored with covers over its ends. Plus it gets signals to both tvs just part on one. I also reversed the lines and would only get partial on the opposite tv. Any help on this would be great. Thanks
Your switch is almost certainly a DP34. It's a good switch; I have one that worked reliably for years. But it won't "talk" DPP talk, which is needed to feed a dual-tuner receiver with one line. The separator splits out the upper bandstacked band from the lower, and feeding only one band to each tuner results in the bizarre behavior you see. If you don't want to run another line, you could replace the DP34 with a DPP33. That will feed a 625 via one cable, and two more receivers as well. You could also use the passthrough ports on your DP34 to the DPP33 and keep them both. I was running like that too, for years, without issue.
Quickest cure is put a splice in where the line was chewed apart. On the weekend put in a permanent replacement to keep it weather tight.

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