Problems Recording With 722


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Feb 10, 2004
NE Ohio
I have a 722 set to dual mode with record plus enabled and set for tv2. Im running into problems recording some shows and came upon this quote in the manual:

"" In Dual Mode with Record Plus enabled, set up future DVR timers at the TV location that was NOT chosen in the Record Plus setting. This will ensure a lower chance of recording conflicts.""

I cant find any where in the manual where it says how to set up recording at a different location, in my case TV1 nor do I see that option when I go to set up a program to record. How is this done?



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Jul 7, 2008
What they're saying in the manual is that if you have TV2 set as the recording preference in the Record Plus screen, make sure you set your timers from TV1 to prevent conflicts (they will default to TV2 when possible)

If you want to make TV 1 the preference, you can change that in the Record Plus screen...

If you Disable Record Plus all together, the Timer will record on whichever TV you set up the Timer from (again, when possible).

If you're asking how to set which TV recordings get sent to on a Timer by Timer basis.... unfortunately there is no easy way to do this.... this is a very common gripe about the DVRs.... hopefully enough people complain and this gets changed in a software update.

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