Problems with VOOM STB? (1 Viewer)

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Sean Mota

SatelliteGuys Master
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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
How many problems have you had with your VOOM receiver? Did you have to reboot more than once per day? Have you lost satellite signal? How frequent have lost your satellite signal? How about pixelation in VOOM channels or programs; how often do you see this?

In my case I had to reboot the stb once a day. When I come to turn it on, it will not turn on and it looks like it locked up. Rebooting the box revives it. I have to wait about 10 minutes for the program information to show up again in the PG.
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SatelliteGuys Family
Nov 29, 2003
In general I find the STB pretty stable. I have a pretty thick skin though when it comes to STB's as a long time owner of a DishPlayer roll From dealing with the DishPlayer, I have found that the old adage about "If it hurts when you bang your head against the wall, then stop banging your head against the wall" to be the best practice

I have still had it lock up on me when scrolling through a lot of channels (four or five are fine, but if you scroll through the guide a couple of times, it almost always locks up (I don't do that anymore).

I had what appeared to be a lock up yesterday, but ended up hitting the ok button, the box went back to 100, and then was fine.

The program guide seems to have a mind of it's own, sometimes it is fine, other times it takes hours to down load.
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