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Apr 2, 2007
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I put up the second 6' Prodelin I obtained 2 weeks ago. This one isn't quite as well built as number one, but was also free for the take down.

I have been testing it out along side it's brother for a few days now. After the winter it might find another location, but for now it's up. These dishes are heavy but strip down and reassemble on the NPRM rather easily for 2 people.

I noticed a few interesting test results so far as compared to the 6' Fortec that I've been toying with lately. The Fortec dish can receive 97° and 99° C and Ku using a 621 LNBF from bleed over due to the small reflector, which is fun. This makes it easy to ghetto point. I use my Pansat 2700a for a pointing tool. It has TPs scanned in across the arc so it's pretty quick to catch a signal and figure out where you are.

The offset Prodelin doesn't do that. It requires more precise adjustment for azimuth and elevation and needs to be tweaked for changes. I put a Geosatpro C2 on it last night in place of the 621. My rigged up scalar bracket is adjustable built from scrap metal in the same measurement as the brother dish bracket, while not scientifically engineered to any spec other than what the original transmitter location was. From there I tweak until it finds the sweet spot for max signal.

Some pics for those interested.


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