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Sep 17, 2004
Charleston wv
I am thinking of switching to for my c-band subs.

Their prices are close to nps.

What is their customer service like?
Is their online hit system good?

Do they accurately bill your credit card?

according to the programming packages, If I sub to HBO/max c/ku digital, then that means I am authorized for the masterfeeds on G1 and the HITS feeds on X-4.

I was thinking of just buying the x-4 programming pack and the hbo/max c/ku so if I want to watch movies and don't mind the re-feeds i don't have to move my dish.

If i am going to watch on my bigger tv, then i would choose the G1 feeds (master feeds).

what do you guys think?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 23, 2004
Montreal, QC
SRL is good, I never had a problem with them, I have subs with both NPS and SRL and am very happy with both, SRL does have some neat little ku-band packs.
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