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Jun 5, 2004
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Sony's PS3 suffers software problems

At least the batteries don't explode

SONY'S new super soaraway PS3 console seems to be having a few software problems.

Touted as being backward compatible with older models, it turns out the machine can't run about 200 PS and PS2 games.

Sony's complaints department, which is probably the busiest part of Sony these days, has admitted that audio features do not work on some software titles when played on the PS3 and other games just do not work at all. A spokesSony said that the unit will fix the PS3 problems by offering online upgrades for system software.

Analysts are saying that this is just one of those sorts of glitches you get after a major product launch. Microsoft got loads of complaints in 2002 that its Xbox was sandpapering CDs when it first launched. But Sony should have known better. When it released the PS2 in 2000 there were all sorts of compatibility problems with earlier software.

No-one is wondering why, when the console was delayed so long, that no one spent a weekend going through the Playstation back catalogue seeing if the games worked.

It looks like Europe, which has been told it can't have any PS3s till March, will really miss much. It might take that long to sort out all the glitches. µ


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Dec 15, 2004
They should have also know better... when they attacked Microsoft last year.. when the XBOX360 was released, about how it couldn't play all their old games.

Anyone want to take a guess if we ultimate find out the number is going to be more then 200? How many PS1 / PS2 games are there?


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Jun 22, 2005
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"Microsoft got loads of complaints"?

Yea, I would say that, "[MS admitted to] 30 or so reports from users suffering minor burns, singed upholstery or scorched carpets as a result of power lead malfunctions.", could generate a few complaints.


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