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Jun 19, 2006
Someone gave me the location and frequency of a feed. After, moving the dish to that bird and manually entering the frequency, polarity and symbol rate, I got zero signal quality (and this was on a satellite that already had FTA channels with good signal quality). I then did a power scan and my Fortec Mercury II was still unable to find that feed. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, what is the solution?
feeds come and go all the time and can be up for 4 hours (in the case of a sporting event) or 5 minutes

I have blind scanned a satellite and it picked up a feed (and logged the chanenl) and when the reciever is done scanning I go to that channel and have no signal.

feeds-what may be there 10 seconds ago may not be there now :)
Understand that, but this was a sports feed - for a game that was just about to start - so it should have/would have been up for at least two to three hours at the time I was attempting to store it in my receiver.
true :)

If it just started then the dish might not have been aimed right :)
I did that with a feed today (football game)....feed was there but no signal. Tweaked dish and bingo feed popped in
Yes, the feed was on IA6, but it was H, not V. I created an "alternate" IA6 satellite and punched in the frequency there. I was able to get signal quality on the alternate IA6 satellite, but, for some reason, still was not able to pick up the feed.
no I had the same issue. There were a couple feeds on IA6 H that I couldnt get until I moved my dish a little east. But then my V transponders sucked.

So I have to creata 2nd satellite for IA6...I did get the feed on H by using Diseqc 1.2 and hitting "east" once :)
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