Question About Satellite Location for My Locals


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Dec 19, 2003
I currently have two dishes installed. One from a DirecTV setup that I cancelled about two years ago but never took down the dish and a new VOOM dish.

It's my understanding that the HD CBS feed on E* is located on the same 61.5 satellite that the VOOM service is on. Since I can't receive but one local OTA I was thinking about getting just the locals and their CBS-HD service. According to E*'s website I am eligible for the distant stations package. My VOOM dish has a dual LNB which I could hook up to for the CBS-HD service but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what satellite that the locals are on for my area? I am located in Western North Carolina. I could re-aim my old DirecTV dish to the new satellite location if it was around the same location since I originally installed the dish myself to begin with.

Also can I receive the distant networks as well as my locals from E* or do I just choose one or the other?

Thanks for any info you could supply..
If you are in a white area you can get both distants and your locals. I am doing so right now. New York & L.A. + superstations=11.99 and I have Little Rock locals with AEP for 79.99.

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